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Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice from India. Today many people around the world practice yoga because of the numerous health benefits it offers. 

When we hear the word yoga we often think of postures, and while the physical practice of yoga has become popular, yoga is much more than a series of postures.

Yoga, is a lifestyle that allows you to find the balance between your body, mind and spirit. In Sanskrit the word yoga means binding or uniting. This is exactly what we are striving for, to unite the body, mind and spirit.

The practice of postures (asana) helps to keep the body healthy, strong and flexible. It is just one of the eight limbs of the yoga method as described in Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The eight limbs of yoga are:

  1. Yamas – Moral restraints. How to deal with your environment and those around you.

  2. Niyamas – Observances. How to deal with yourself.

  3. Asana – Postures. Positions of the body, builds strength, flexibility, balance and focus.

  4. Pranayama – Mindful breathing. Control of the breath and life energy.

  5. Pratyahara – Turning inward. Withdrawal of the senses to the mind.

  6. Dharana – Concentration. Focus and attention.

  7. Dhyana – Meditation, observation and reflection.

  8. Samadhi – Bliss or spiritual enlightenment.

Practice yoga with me!

If you are living in Kuala Lumpur, you may join my weekly yoga classes, every Tuesday and Friday.

I am also available for corporate, group or private classes.

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