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Waiting For Change


I stopped teaching yoga at the yoga studio. I still teach, just in a more private setting now. Time-wise, the classes I taught at the studio just wasn't working out for me and my family anymore. 

Everything changes. Your routines change. Your plans change. Your thoughts change. Even the seasons change. Everything is in constant change. Change is necessary for growth. It is what propels us.

I welcome change. Change is good. At times, it may cause initial discomfort, even if it was something you pursued, but in the end, that change becomes the new norm. Change opens the door for new opportunities and experiences. 

Accepting and welcoming change is what has allowed me to have lived in five different countries, experience new cultures, accept the traditions and beliefs of others, learn new languages, delight my taste buds with new flavors, and have friends all around the world. 

I would be lying if I said I don’t miss teaching at the yoga studio. I do miss it. I miss the people. I miss my students. I am grateful for the time and space I had to be able to share with others the practice of Ashtanga yoga. Life has a funny way of working and revealing what it has in store for us. This small change may just be the beginning of something new!


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