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An Answer to Distractions

Photo by John Miller

Photo by John Miller

Sometimes I find it hard to stay focused. I leave one room knowing exactly what I am going to do, only to get distracted by something on my way there, totally forgetting what I was doing. I come back hours later and realize I didn’t finish it. Then I’m worried and stressed about what still needs to be done. It happens often. Sometimes I blame my age or the fact that I’m trying master the art of multitasking. But I believe it’s a lack of awareness or mindfulness.  A lack of awareness may cause anxiousness, worry, stress and forgetfulness. Instead of focusing on what’s important now, we get distracted with all different kinds thoughts and give them unneeded attention.  

In this 10 minute video, former monk, Andy Puddicombe, talks about the importance of mindfulness and meditation. 

Hope you enjoy it!