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Seeing Is Believing

Photo by  Makia Minich  on flickr

Photo by Makia Minich on flickr

I thought I’d share an article I read recently, The Science Behind Yoga. We know that yoga is an ancient practice. We also know that yoga has many benefits ranging from the gross physical to the most subtle experiences. What surprises me is that yoga began more than 2,000 years ago, and only recently has modern science begun to prove its benefits and understand how it really affects those who practice it. It’s human nature to doubt that which we can not see.  Yet, some of us rely on what we feel and will continue to practice yoga even when it’s not backed up by research. The practice of yoga requires us to turn our attention inward and focus on what is going on internally as opposed to only treating our external symptoms. 

I sometimes wonder, what did ancient yogis know that we have such a hard time believing and need proof of, and how did they discover this? Whether people come to yoga seeking physical relief, a workout, a way to reduce stress or in search for spiritual meaning, the benefits of yoga remain the same. 

Here are just a few scientifically proven reasons why you should practice yoga:

  • It helps reduce stress

  • It changes the chemical structure of your brain

  • It balances your emotions

  • It can help heal trauma

  • Improves overall health and vitality

 Hope you enjoy the article and continue to practice!

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