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The Minimum Necessary

Photo By  Sheila Sund  on flickr

Photo By Sheila Sund on flickr

This past week I have been busy moving from a hotel into an unfurnished apartment. We stayed at the hotel for one month. I mentioned in an earlier post, Learning To Let Go, that we packed up our house and all our belongings and had them shipped to Malaysia. We expect our belongings to arrive in June. So to be able to move into this apartment I have been busy buying and renting just the basics. Every day I do my best to make this empty apartment feel more like a home. But I can’t buy everything I want. Firstly, it would be expensive. Secondly, I would have too much when my items arrive in June.

I am in a minimalist mode. Making do with the bare minimum. Because really, how much stuff do I need? I used to believe, for example, that I needed a knife for fruit, one for vegetables, another for bread, and so on. Do you know how many kitchen knives I have? Too many! Same goes for shoes and many other things.

I can compare the desire to want stuff to the asanas in practice. You think you need this asana and that asana, and you’ll finally be happy when you can “have” this other one, too. One of the reasons to practice asanas is to calm your mind, it is also referred to as a moving meditation and it helps to create a single-pointed mind. So which asana does that? Is it only one? Is it a full series? Maybe a few postures strung together? I guess the answer is different for everyone. I have read numerous times that Pattabhi Jois said Sun Salutations A and B and the three final postures is a full practice. Oftentimes, just sitting and being present is too. If you had to be minimalist about your practice what would you take out?

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." ~Hans Hofmann

I am not suggesting you cut your asana practice and do only one or two postures. I am just asking you to observe your desire to want more than you need.

Till next week!


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