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Instagram Yoga Challenge #justbepresent December 2014 - Grasshopper Pose

Instagram Yoga Challenge #justbepresent December 2014 - Grasshopper Pose

I joined Instagram about two and a half years ago because I wanted to take part in a yoga challenge. It was fun! I liked the idea of trying out a new pose and being part of the Instagram yoga community. It took me a while to figure out the best way to take my photos. I asked my husband when he was home, I asked my children or a friend. Then I downloaded a timer app so that I could take my own photos. After that, I discovered I could take a video screenshot.

At first, when I asked to have my photos taken, it was always outside my Ashtanga yoga practice. Once I started taking my own, I would take the photo during my Ashtanga yoga practice, especially if the pose was one in the Ashtanga primary series. This became a huge problem. See, I would stop during my practice to set up the camera, the timer, and I wouldn't get a ‘suitable’ picture on the first try. Sometimes it would take ten to fifteen minutes, maybe more, as I attempted to get the ‘perfect’ picture. By then I would have cooled down, lost focus and depending on how long it took, I wouldn’t always finish my practice. Plus, I was preoccupied that I now had to post the photo. 

After a few months, I realized that participating in the challenges was affecting my practice. So I stopped. I decided no more challenges. But the truth was I liked being part of the Instagram yoga community, I liked posting my photos, getting likes, comments, and meeting people.

So now when I do take part in any Instagram yoga challenge, first I practice. If for whatever reason I didn’t practice that day, moon day, ladies' holiday, rest day, well no photo. Also, I only take the photo after practice, I don’t strive to get the ‘perfect’ photo anymore. A photo is only a tiny snapshot of a moment in time, sometimes it has a lot to say, but most of the time what you see isn’t the whole story.



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